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Ever wanted to build a IT product startup but never had the courage to do so? It might be easy than you think and does not cost you arms and legs. You can validate your ideas and even get a working prototype to your customers with less than 100 USD.

Tech is Evil

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I am elated see a lot of volunteer groups springing up like mushrooms to help people out during any crisis. The second wave of Covid-19 in India is nothing less than a disaster comprised of both system failure and systemic failure.

In spite of the chaos of people dying on the streets, bodies getting washed up in the river Ganges the unhindered spirit of many of these people seem to be anything but inspiring. Below were some of my observations from seeing multiple such groups.

Internal Problems

All said and good in newspapers, Instagram posts, etc the actual process is more difficult…

Shopping has become one of the most time-consuming activities in our daily lives.

Imagine how a typical shopping would look like. You had to travel to the shopping center. find a suitable parking place. find your way to the maze of product aisles, put them in the cart, intelligently decide what queue to stand behind, wait for each product to be scanned, billed, and then get back home.

The very shopping activity alone would take you around 1–3 hours to complete for a weekly shopper. This roughly translates to 52–156 hours or to put it 2–7 days per year. Wooh! Isn’t this huge? Wait we haven’t yet taken into account the amount of time you spend scrolling through the page of amazon for your other not available locally purchases.

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One year passed and I am yet to have the product I set out to build the way I wanted it. Not everything can be attributed to the technical challenges mentioned in the previous posts. I had to attend to other things in life.


Jumping into the web development bandwagon made me realize that

  1. Software development is easier said than done. Before I got my hands dirty it was easy to say to the developers that the customer wants this and that expecting the same to be delivered immediately. …

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I had the following options for deployment. The below point summaries the ways to deploy both the MERN stack and Django.

  1. Digital Ocean: All the 4 services in the MERN+Flask stack can be deployed in one single server and scaled up based on requirements. Digital Ocean does not have the pay per use model this means there are charges even if the VPS (Droplet) is stopped. You need to destroy the droplet to prevent subsequent charges. The cost is very deterministic, you can clearly know what is the maximum expense you will incur upfront. In terms of scaling, the Managed…

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Now lets come to the development setup. I use a MacBook Air with just 4 GB of ram and it eats up half of it by default. MacBook Air seemed to be good due to its portability, sleekness, and all other stuff except for programming, data analysis, gaming, etc due to memory and GPU constraints. I was forced to look for a better development setup. This problem can be generalized to anyone who wants to build stuff but suffers from hardware limitations.

To start with I did remove all unwanted running applications. Further, I also used a tool called MemoryDiag…

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The setup mentioned in the previous posts though took several months of learning and experimentation. It ended up being bulk and complicated. It was not something that could be maintained by myself or a small team that I could eventually assemble.

I ended up here by searching for the best language or tools for building a web app rather than starting with the question of what was the most important value that the product delivers and what was required to do the same. This leads me to question the whole need for nodeJS itself.

Nodejs was used only to save…

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Armed with this decision I set out to learn and build the MVP.

To start I had good knowledge in analytics with R and Python. I had built a couple of analytical dashboards. Since the core functionality was to provide with predictive analytics my default choice was Python.

Plotly Dash

After googling, I found out the Plotly Dash would be a good place to start. It is really easy to get dashboards ready but I soon realized that this would not let me had more control over the frontend interface and features like authentication, user-based data restriction, etc were available only in…

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Here are a couple of ways you can get your tech idea into the market fast

This is easier said than done. Especially because there needs to be trust and conviction that the idea is valuable enough to make efforts and take risks. It’s important to choose people who can complement you rather than just people who you know. If you don’t know or cannot learn to code get someone who can do it. It doesn’t matter even if the person is working full time in some other organization. Because initially, it is more to get feedback from potential customers…

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Imagine for a moment you were given a cheap chocolate/toy as a 7-year-old, how much would you have valued it?

  1. Overjoyed
  2. Neutral
  3. Disgust

That moment of experience is nothing but one small part of life.

For a poor refugee kid who had to flee his home just to barely survive, might see this as the happiest thing that happened since. Whereas a rich and well-pampered kid might look at the same with something not worthy compared with what he currently enjoys.

Each moment in life even as adults we are constantly making a comparison and interpreting it. This comparison can…

Life depends on Your Interpretation of it! I am crafting an interesting story out of it :)

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